Class Schedule

*Classes are subject to change. Always check the most up to date class schedule here.


6:30 am LIFT Barre  8:30 am LIFT & Sweat
10:oo am Mat Pilates Fundamentals 
5:30 pm LIFT Barre 6:00 pm Heat Mat Pilates

Tuesday & Thursday 

5:20 am Early Bird Express 
8:10 am LIFT Barre 
5:30 pm Vitality Barre/ Mat Pilates Fundamentals on Thursdays


6:30 am LIFT Barre 
10:00 am Vitality Barre 
6:00 pm LIFT & Sweat


8:30 am LIFT & Sweat 


8:00 am Heated Pilates
9:30 am LIFT Barre


2:45 pm LIFT Barre  


Lift Barre Classes

Each class uses different exercises, yet maintains a consistent structure:

  1. Warm up

  2. Arm work using light weights or resistance bands

  3. Thigh and glute work at the barre

  4. Focused abdominal moves

For optimum results, muscle groups are worked to fatigue and stretched while still warm.  Variety of exercises combined with current, motivating music keeps the class fresh and engaging.

Lift & Sweat!

Love Lift Barre but want to get your heart-rate up and feel more sweat? Lift & Sweat is where you’ll find it. In a light running or training shoe you will burn calories and fat in a 1 hour intense cardio plyometric interval workout at the barre and on the mat. 

Early Bird Express

10 minutes shorter than the signature Lift Barre class, Early Bird Barre shortens the warm up and picks up the pace to pack in a full-body workout in just 50 minutes.  Be sure to check in at least 5 minutes prior to class because the front door will be locked 2 minutes before the start of class of all early morning classes. Sorry, no exceptions! This is for the safety of our clients and staff. 

Vitality Barre

Vitality Barre is a full body workout like Lift Barre, but at a slightly slower pace with a laser focus on proper form.  This format is a great introduction for Barre beginners. The pace is perfect for those new to exercise or returning to a fitness routine after an extended absence.

Baby at the Barre- Coming Soon!

Unique to the Pee Dee area, Lift offers classes specifically for new mothers and their babies.  Upon medical clearance (approximately 6 to 8 weeks postpartum), a mother can bring along her newborn-to-new-mover and enjoy the same great workout as the Lift Barre class.  It is a playdate that burns calories and lifts your backside while getting to know other moms! Once children are walking/running without assistance, they have aged out of this class.  Mothers are then encouraged to attend the Lift Barre classes on their own.       

Personal Training or Small Group Sessions

Individual or small group training sessions are also available. Contact Lift owner and instructor Grace Timms for scheduling.



new client package

$38 for 14 Days of unlimited classes at LIFT AND Soulshine Yoga of Florence!


Soulift Founder’s Membership

$89 a month gets you unlimited barre, Pilates, & yoga with Soulshine Yoga of Florence!


Not seeing an option that fits your needs?

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